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The learning paths at the BIMcollab Academy offer specially outlined tracks of courses that will help you achieve proficiency in our different products, workflows and functionalities in no time. Courses can be followed individually and independently, but choosing and following a complete Learning path will make the processes of learning and practicing more coherent and systematic. Certificates are awarded for each completed course within the path. 

Choose a learning path to structure your learning curve

The courses are set up in learning paths. These paths give you a coherent order to learn the BIMcollab products from basic to expert level. It's always possible to jump in into a path at the level you feel you are now. 
Our current learning paths are:
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BIMcollab Zoom path

The 4 courses in this path will help you become a BIMcollab Zoom expert. 
They start at a beginner level with the BIMcollab Zoom basic course and follow up with expert courses on specific features. Feel free to skip the feature you do not use to personalize the path to your workflow. 
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BIMcollab's IDS path

Learn all about the IDS open standard and how to use this within the BIMcollab environment. First do the basic course and finish off with the expert course for IDS.
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openBIM workflow path

This path will guide you through the entire ecosystem of BIMcollab! 
You will get to know the BCF Managers from within a modelling application, do clash detection in BIMcollab Zoom and start a project in BIMcollab Nexus to kick off the issue management. 
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BIMcollab Twin path

This path will give you a step-by-step guidance on how to setup your BIMcollab Twin and how to use it as a complete document management system together with BIMcollab Nexus. 
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BIMcollab admin path

As an admin who does not participates in the BIM team, you still have to be able to manage the projects, licences and subscriptions. Learn all about it in our BIMcollab admin path. 

Or find the specific course you are looking for below

If you are missing a course that you would like us to add to the Academy, please contact our dedicated BIMcollab support team! 





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BIMcollab Admin

This short module is perfect for you if you only need to manage all the settings for your company. 
You will learn how to manage your company's subscriptions, and licenses.

BCF Manager Navisworks

If you are doing your clash detection with Navisworks, the BCF manager makes it possible to synchronise your clashes to BIMcollab Cloud. 

And more...

We are constantly working on new courses. 


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