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The BIMcollab Zoom path

In this learning path, you can follow a strategically assembled series of courses that encompass all functionalities and workflows within BIMcollab ZOOM, ranging from beginner to advanced level. Enroll now to become a BIMcollab ZOOM master!


BIMcollab Zoom Basic course

This course will focus on giving you a basic understanding of BIMcollab Zoom. BIMcollab Zoom helps find information flaws in your model and verify solutions via communication to the cloud (BIMcollab Nexus). By the end of this course, you'll learn how to navigate in 3D BIM models, validate with Smart Views, and participate in Issue Management.


BIMcollab Zoom: Clash Detection

This course focuses on getting you familiar with the Clash Detection feature within BIMcollab Zoom. You will learn how to be more time efficient with fast Clash Detection and clash grouping. And convert the clashes to Smart Issues for a better follow-up. 


BIMcollab Zoom: Smart Properties

Learn how to use BIMcollab Zoom Smart Properties. Working with multiple BIM models from different authors can be a challenge. Combining models with different terminology can dramatically limit the flow of information and hinder model validation. With BIMcollab Zoom's Smart Properties this can be solved easily. Classify and restructure BIM data without the need of asking authors to change their models.


BIMcollab Zoom: Model data extraction

Learn how to use BIMcollab Zoom Lists. Find the correct model data to create the list and extract it from BIMcollab Zoom. Use an export method or connect your List to a BIMcollab Nexus project to visualise it there. Even connect the data to a dashboard data software!
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